Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Projects

Hallowed '1518' Pillow Design by Lorine Mason
Halloween has never been my favorite holiday but I am warming up to it, just because it allows me to design outside my comfort zone. I allow myself to be just a little crazier than normal. Perhaps it is a line that is just not completely straight or allow for mixing weird colors. Designing with skulls - who would have thought you would ever see me using skulls in anything? Please don't think I have lost control - if you carefully look at the photo of the project I have here you will still notice the straight lines on the door panel. I have not lost my mind totally. It is just fun and it is unexpected from me.....

Be sure to tune back into my blog as I will be participating in the Triple Play blog hop along with a host of ever so talented fellow designers. It begins in November and will feature a new project each week with 50+ designers participating. We all start with the same base die cut and then the fun begins.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is better than a treasure chest full of pretty pink chocolate candies? Not much, except if the box was created using one of Eileen Hull's Scoreboard dies from Sizzix. A quick little project to send to a fellow designer who is having some health issues. She truly is the "stamping queen" and every queen needs a treasure chest full of goodies.

Supplies you will need:
Scorboard die cut of rectangle box, Pink wool-blend felt, Steam-a-Seam fusible web, Melissa Francis molded keyhole, Silver metal bookplate with prongs, Microbeads, Screw top brads, Silver acrylic paint, Hole punch, Scissors, Paper glue and an Iron.

The How to:

Cover the die cut with Steam-a-Seam2, following the manufacturers instructions.

Remove the paper backing and cover with Pink wool felt. Press well and trim around the edges of the die cut.

Use the hole punch to punch holes through the felt,adding four additional holes to the front of the box and two to the bottom edge of the box along the back edge.

Fold the box along the scorelines and insert brads into the holes, attaching the lid.

Attach the bookplate inserting the prongs into the top of the box, bending the ends over to the inside of the box lid.

Fill the center of the bookplate with glue, drop microbeads into the glue and let dry.

Glue keyhole to the front edge of the box lid. Let dry. Add silver paint to the front of the keyhole.

Using the point of a pencil dipped into silver paint, add dots of paint to the front flap of the box. Let dry.

Fill up the box with chocolate goodies and present it to the person of your choice.